London Assembly calls on Mayor to rethink approach to tall buildings

Nicky Gavron AM

The London Assembly today unanimously supported a motion calling for the Mayor to establish a Skyline Commission to tackle the proliferation of tall buildings dramatically altering London’s skyline.

Ken Livingstone was famously fond of tall buildings and gave permission for about 20 in 8 years. Boris has already approved 200.

Research by New London Architect earlier this year found more than 230 in the pipeline.

These are super-tall buildings over 20 storeys.

This isn’t just a central London issue. NLA found 20 in Barnet, 16 in Newham, and 11 in Wandsworth. And there will be more to come.

The horses have bolted but the stable door is still wide open.

And the public didn’t know.


What does it matter?

 There’s nothing wrong with tall buildings if they’re in the right places, meeting the right needs, and respect the character of their local areas. Everyone can think of a favourite…

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