FORTHCOMING EVENT: Tall Buildings – up from the street – Tuesday 24th June

We hope members will show support for fellow member organising this and attend.

Perfect excuse not to watch the England game!

RTPI London Calling

Skyscrapers – how do they fit with the urban grain?

The effect of tall buildings on London’s skyline is Tall buildingsunder ever-increasing scrutiny, but what about their relationship with the streets and surroundings at ground level? Planners and designers have a key role in ensuring tall buildings are well integrated into their surroundings, but is this being achieved in London’s latest tall building boom.

Historically, buildings have needed to fit into a previously-existing street network, following the building line, plot grain and roofline. Can new tall buildings enhance what already exists and contribute to London’s streetscape, or are they inevitably disruptive to the urban grain and scale? Are there examples that we should learn from? Or lessons that we should avoid?


  • Peter Murray, Chair, New London Architecture
  • Jason Clemons, Director of Historic Buildings, CgMs
  • Colin Wilson, Strategic Planning Manager, GLA
  • Alex Whitbread, Partner, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
  • Simon Bevan, Director…

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