Biodiversity Offsetting – Thank you, everyone

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Woodland Matters

Many thanks to all of you who took part in our recent Offsetting campaign! Over 900 Trust supporters had their say about plans for a scheme in England through one or more of our 4 campaign options, and, to make doubly sure Defra listened we referenced and attached your comments from the ‘Offset This’ action and the ‘Just say No’ action in appendices within the Trust’s formal submission.

Our question about whether a habitat should be replaced on a ‘like for like’ basis (e.g. a forest for a forest, not a wetland) saw 94.5% agreeing ‘Yes’ – mostly those who disagreed did so on the basis that they felt a habitat simply cannot be recreated elsewhere. 276 people said a clear “No!” to the principle of a scheme, and we (anonymously) shared the personal views given as part of this, plus the 258 responses the ‘Offset This’ action which asked what people ‘value’…

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