Powerful Women

On Friday 8th March 2013 Planning published an article called ‘The Power 100’ . The article listed the ‘100 most influential people in the sector’. These individuals who are said to shape policy and decision making were decided by 40 of the Planning senior contacts.

Within the list of 100 there were only 23 women.

  1. Roberta Blackman – Woods: MP – Shadow minster for Communities and Local Government.
  2. Baroness Hanham: Parliamentary under Secretary of State, DCLG.
  3. Shona Dunn: Director of Planning, DCLG.
  4. Jane Everton: Deputy Director, Development Plans, DCLG.
  5. Mary MacIntyre: Director of Strategic Planning Division, Department of Environment, Northern Ireland Executive.
  6. Fiona McCandless: Director of Local Planning Division, Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland Executive.
  7. Lindsey Nicoll: Chief Reporter and Director of Scotland Directorate of Planning Environmental Appeals (DEPA).
  8. Ruth Stanier: Deputy Director Planning, DCLG.
  9. Michele Dix: Managing Director, Transport for London.
  10. Rosemary Thomas: Head of Planning Division, the Welsh Government.
  11. Elaine Kinghan: Chief Commissioner, Northern Ireland Planning Appeals Commission.
  12. Rosemary Mcqueen : Strategic Built Environment Director, Westminster City Council.
  13. Trudi Elliot: Chief Executive of the RTPI.
  14. Kate Henderson: Chief Executive of the TCPA.
  15. Roisin Willmott: National Director for RTPI Wales and Northern Ireland.
  16. Emma Cariaga: Head of Strategic Projects and Development Director – London Portfolio, Land Security.
  17. Alison Nimmo: Chief Executive, Crown Estate.
  18. Liz Peace: Chief Executive, BPF.
  19. Nicola Walker: Head of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI)- Infrastructure and Environment Team.
  20. Sue Willcox: Head of Town Planning, Sainsbury’s.
  21. Claire Dutch: Chair of Joint Planning Law Conference Committee.
  22. Morag Ellis QC: Chair Planning and Environment Bar Association.
  23. Professor Janice Morphet: Visiting Professor at UCL.

If you think there are any individuals missing make your voice heard at this link click here or leave suggestions below in the comment box.


8 thoughts on “Powerful Women”

  1. Very good point Charlotte, quite a few spring to mind. I’d like to think that the same survey done in 10 years time would include a more even split between men and women. However, I think there are many influential women in planning today but for some reason they just don’t seem to be getting the recognition they deserve, is it because their male counterparts are better at promoting themselves and their work? On a separate note – I also think that the private sector was under-represented, there are several women and men who I feel should have been included. I think it’s a great idea to do a top 100 but surely it should be based on speaking to more than 40 people?

  2. Ziona Strelitz, principal of (anthropologist/planner, specialising in post-occupany research, user need studies, briefing for developments. Active in BCO and formerly in CABE)

    Yvonne Rydin, Professor at the Bartlett School of Planning and Director of the UCL Environment Institute

  3. Rather depressingly I am relatively heartened that there are as many as 22 women on this list. I come across relatively few senior female planners or planning lawyers despite both the planning and legal profession having high levels of female entrants. I am interested by the comment that in 10 years time it might look more even – I did my degree in Town and Country Planning in the early 80’s when I would say the entry numbers were 50/50 men/women. I don’t know what the statistics would be now but I suspect probably much the same. I am not sure why we should be optimistic that in 10 years time things might have changed?

    1. It’s strange that there is a 50 / 50 split at university and a majority of work places but this is not carried through in the power 100. Think it comes down to who the mysterious panel of forty is.

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